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Driving Proactive Care

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Capture and automatically document patient signs, symptoms, and behaviours at the point-of-care.


Multiple Early Warning Scores & proprietary clinical algorithms predict deterioration.


Automated alerts and recommendations that can action appropriate intervention measures.

Patient Safety System

READS is a bedside clinical assessment tool that provides proactive patient safety by performing rapid easy-to-use mobile assessments, anticipates patient deterioration with validated clinical algorithms, and then generates recommended actions designed to improve patient outcomes.

  • Patient-centric workflows

    Stimulate proactive care through patient-centric best practices and condensed documentation

  • Electronic Observation System

    Capture a complete set of patient observational and clinical assessment data

  • Rapid Response System

    Predict patient deterioration and communicate rapid alerts automatically

  • smart, fast, efficient

    Minimise time and reduce paperwork whilst recording or accessing patient information

  • ALCOA Compliant Medical Records

    Source information is available to all staff instantly, and across multiple devices

  • medical-analytics

    Deliver patient trend analytics and hospital performance metrics in real time

READS Patient Dasbhoard
READS Workflow Management
READS Electronic Charting

The Clear Clinical Choice

READS’ advanced Simple Clinical Score (SCS) and Early Warning Score (EWS) models, quickly and accurately identify levels of risk during patient admission. READS provides unrivalled clinical information, highly predictive alerts, triggers and prioritised intervention mechanisms.

Clinically Proven

The Simple Clinical Score accurately assess risk of future patient deterioration from the first 24 hours of admission up to 12 months later.

Next Generation Early Warning Score (EWS)

READS utilises and is compatible with multiple EWS, and also builds in advanced algorithms that go far beyond vital signs. Furthermore the system can easily accommodate new & additional scores with an incredibly flexible & customisable approach.

Research Data Points
Independent Case Studies Across the World
Years of Global Clinical Research

Pioneers in Clinical Intelligence

Tapa Healthcare is an Irish Medical Technology start-up supported by Enterprise Ireland, armed with 18 years of clinical research, and the mission of providing proactive patient-centric care.

Clinical Intelligence System

Multiple Early Warning Scores (EWS)

with automated alerts and recommendations to support risk stratification, identify patient deterioration trends and provide clinical decision support.

Class 1 Medical Devices

Regulatory compliant and registered medical devices providing patient safety in a hospital environment.

Complete Data Capture

Capture and trend patient observations and clinical data with rapid customisable assessments.

Predict Deterioration

Accurately calculates multiple clinical scores (including NEWS) and records urgency, acuity, severity and workload.

Rapid Response

Configurable escalation protocols, alerts and automated triggers action appropriate intervention measures.

Smart Documentation

Nurses are "Drowning in a Sea of Paperwork"

Clinical Institutions and Media alike warn that inefficiency and the burden of bureaucracy constrains nurses' ability to nurse.

Need for Digital Documentation

Over 2,500,000 hours per week in the UK alone are spent on non-essential clinical paperwork.

Enabling Nurses to Nurse

4/5 nurses claim excessive documentation prevents them from providing essential bedside care

Automatic documentation

Clinical assessments, electronic charting, and total track & trace for auditing, analytics, or administrative needs.

ALCOA & GDPR Compliant

Attrbutable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, and Accurate electronic data standardisation.

Reliable Handover

Reliable Information, Delivered Rapidly

Instantly accessible real-time notifications, automatically generated SBAR reports, and intuitive escalation controls to quickly identify discharge/transfer needs.

Rapid Escalation of Care

Instantaneous shared patient information sources available at a glance, with intuitive escalation controls to intervene, discharge or transfer.

Seamless Patient Handover

Fluid flow of electronic patient summary information available at a glance, alongside deeper data layers, metrics and charts for enhanced analysis.

Workload Management

Intuitive Workflow Designed by Clinicians

Real-time understanding of patient conditions, pending tasks and capacity utilisation, with a simple workflow built around clinician feedback to further improve efficiency.

Admin Insights

READS provides real-time hospital, ward and patient level updates from capacity to conditions and overdue tasks.

Simple User Interface

Minimal need for training with an easy to learn touch screen approach.

Customisable & Interoperable

Customisable, Configurable, Compatible

Tailor READS to your needs, add new Early Warning Scores, algorithms or clinical assessments, and then connect it with your existing IT.

Complete Observations

Easily add to the extensive library of specialised assessments (Input/Output, Stroke, Sepsis, AKI and more).

Configurable at all levels

Alerts and protocols can be tweaked at a hospital-wide, ward and individual patient level to fully suit the needs of your staff, and patients.

Performance analytics

Access hospital performance metrics, clinical trends and tangible bespoke data to proactively drive patient care.

Clean Connectivity

READS is designed to integrate with hospital IT, EMR/EHR's or peripherals/monitors with HL7 2.x and FHIR, as well as custom API's.

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